Accounting Software Features

NetCA is a double entry based accounting system built on cloud technology, unlike traditional accounting system which use file based data system, netCA has been developed on Relational Database Systems or RDBMS.

Unlike other accounting system where you have to stick with the device where you install your accounting system, with NetCA, you can access the accounting system from anywhere in the world through any device including laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet

Our accounting software is platform independent, you can access our accounting system from any client, which includes Apple Macintosh, Windows Workstation or Linux. All you need is a Web 2.0 web browser compatible with HTML5

Our accounting system has been developed with many features, some of the key options are:

Basic Features

  • Double Entry System
  • Assets & Liabilities
  • Groups & Ledger Accounts

Supported Entries

  • Journal Entries
  • Payment / Receipt Entries
  • Contra Entries

Reporting System

  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet

Supported Industries

Service Providers: Tour & Travel, IT Services, Education, Medical, Health, Hospitality, Banking, Finance, Equity, Insurance, Brokers, Mutual Funds, Transport

Retail & Wholesale: Trader, Exporters, Importers, Wholesellers, Retailers, Stockist, Shop Owners, Showroom, Dealers, Jewellers

Key Clients

We have sucessfully integrated NetCA Accounting system for various industries, some of our key clients details are provided here.

Tea Manufacturer

We have sucessfully integrated our cloud accounting system for a Tea manufactuer based in Assam, we had migrated the merchant from dos based system to our cloud based accounting system, the key feature which was required by the merchant was multiple data entry locations to support his headoffice, factory and sales office

Tour Operator

We have migrated a travel operator who used to maintain his books of accounts in a complex system, mostly on papers, we had automated his book keeping through our cloud based accounting system, now he records every purchase and sale in our accounting system and has complete control over his expenses, he is one of our happy clients.

Freight Carrier

We have integrated our cloud accouting system for a transporter who used to maintain his books of accounts in foxpro based system, he had a hard time maintaining his cash flow from various branch locations throughout the countries, now he knows exactly how much cash has been deposited in his each branch and knows the daily collections made.

Finance Broker

We helped a Finance Broker to automate his borrowings and lendings through our cloud based accounting system, until now the client used to record all his transactions in papers but we migrate him to our secure accounting system and now he is able to track all his transactions through his mobile, he does not have to rely on paperwork for his collections.

Garment Wholeseller

A garment wholeseller used to manage his accounts through foxpro based system, his system was slow and single user operated, we migrated him to our cloud accounting software and now he is able to manage all his transactions in a secure mutli user environment, now he can keep track of all his sales and purchases from his office and home through his mobile

Jeweller & Gemstone Dealer

We introduced our accounting system to a jeweller who used to maintain his accounts through single entry system, we migrated him to our cloud based double entry system accounting software and now he is able to manage his cash flow at less efforts, he now knows how much he sells every day, his loss is minimized which used to occur with gold rate fluctuations.

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